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To view the Sign Language videos on the site you must select either 'Windows Media Player' or 'QuickTime' on the right and save your details. You cannot navigate the site without first choosing a video player.

The QuickTime player works better on this site. You can change your selection once you have tried it out.
Select a video player if you have either or both already installed on your PC.
Download a free video player if you do not have one already installed or if you wish to try another version. Then re-enter the site and make your selection.
If you have problems seeing the videos, you can return to this screen via the 'change video format' hyperlink on the home page and make another selection. Go to the help files for more information about video players.

You need up to date versions of the players for the videos to play properly.
Viewing the videos
You must choose a video player to see the videos.
You can change the player once you have tried it out.
Select a Video Player

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Download it here. It's free!
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